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These language courses serve as introductions to different languages. For more advanced language practise, we recommend checking out our new project Interlinear Books, which allows you to learn languages by reading fascinating books.

  • Introduction To Afrikaans

    Learn to ask questions, tell that you speak Afrikaans and express your wishes, possession and needs. Also learn the greetings, pronouns and tenses and basic words. Compare Afrikaans with English and Dutch in these 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Basque

    Learn to talk about the past, present and future in both positive and negative, express what you have, need or want, introduce yourself and where you are from, say Basque greetings and questions. This all in 5 lessons.

  • Chinese Writing

    Let me demystify the Chinese writing, teach you most of the top 20 and some of the top 100 Chinese characters by the frequency of their usage and have you construct Chinese sentences, all in this 5 lesson long course.

  • Introduction To Dutch

    Learn describing things and talking about them in the present and the future, asking and answering questions and using greetings. Learn to see the link between Dutch and English. A pretty easy-going course which has 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Dutch V2

    Learn some Dutch sentences, negations, questions and nouns in this alternative Dutch course of 4 lessons by a speaker from the Netherlands ErikGroenendijk.

  • Introduction To Esperanto

    Learn to tell where you are from, what you work or study and that you speak Esperanto, give compliments and greet people and understand how to use the accusative case and some basic verbs. All in 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Estonian

    Learn the basic structure of the Estonian language: dealing with Estonian verbs, using the three most important Estonian noun cases, the main personal pronouns and their possessives, some Estonian greetings and vocabulary. This course has 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To French

    Learn to have a conversation in French where you can tell how you are doing, where you are from or what languages you speak and ask the same to your conversation partner. The course has 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Japanese

    Learn to read and speak your very first Japanese words and a lot more! This course is made by Carl and has 6 lessons.

  • Introduction To Italian

    Learn expressing basic introduction stuff which includes exchanging information about your nationality, profession, name, language knowledge and some other things in Italian in this 5 lesson course.

  • Introduction To Latin

    Learn how to introduce yourself and greet people, say that you speak Latin or describe things as good or bad, along with getting a glimpse of Latin structures in this course constisting of 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Lithuanian

    Learn to greet, thank people, ask where they are from, what they do, what languages they speak, what they want or have and to answer those questions yourself as well as negating things and dealing with two different verb categories. All in this 5 lesson course.

  • Introduction To Lithuanian II

    Second part of the introductory Lithuanian course where you learn the accusative case, Lithuanian verbs, important words and so on. This course also has 5 lesson.

  • Introduction To Latvian

    Learn basic words, asking basic questions, greeting people, treat some Latvian verbs and bind words together in Latvian and see how Latvian compares to Lithuanian if you also take the Introductory Lithuanian course. This in 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Luxembourgish

    Learn basic Luxembourgish in this course created by campbellfairs. There are 7 lessons in total.

  • Introduction To Norwegian

    Learn the most important Norwegian verbs, the present, the future tense, all the main greetings and their meanings and some useful vocabulary. The course also shows how closely Norwegian is related to English after all. There are 5 lessons in total.

  • Introduction To Polish

    Learn to talk about your wishes and actions, asking and answering questions, dealing with some of the most common Polish nouns, getting acquainted to the common Polish constructions and much more. This Polish course has 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Portuguese

    Learn to explain your wants, needs and ideas, give reasons and ask why, what and where questions , greet people and answer to greetings and give general introduction about yourself in Portuguese in 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Romanian

    Learn some Romanian structures, including some of their verbs, pronouns and basic words and learn to have a small conversation by the end. There are 5 lessons in total.

  • Introduction To Russian

    Learn some Russian verbs and nouns and how to deal with them, find out how to have a basic introductory conversation, ask for directions and learn to convert some international English words into Russian ones easily. There are 5 lessons in total.

  • Introduction To Spanish

    Learn almost full Spanish conversation and by almost full Spanish conversation I mean saying hi, expressing your intimate feelings towards another person and asking one about his profession, field of study or language skills. In 5 lessons.

  • Introduction To Swedish

    Learn the most important Swedish verbs and then the three tenses,some greetings and other vocabulary. This is heavily based on the Norwegian course. There are 5 lessons in total.

  • Introduction To Turkish

    Learn the most important Turkish structures in this course by a native speaker boracasli. There are 5 lessons in total.

  • Introduction To Uzbek

    Learn to ask for a hotel, order tea or do similar things and get introduced to the structures of the grammar of the Uzbek language in this 5 lesson course by GBarto.

  • Introduction To Vietnamese

    Get a sip of the Vietnamese language and see what it's like in a record-short time! The course is made by Carl and has 3 long lessons.

  • Japanese Basics (Audio)

    Learn basic Japanese constructions along with Hiragana and some important Kanji in this audio by Carl which includes 4 CD discs worth of audio and 8 CD discs are planned to be released in the long term therefore this course is still under development.

  • Lithuanian Basics

    Learn basic Lithuanian, including most common verb and noun categories, learning to express yourself in a variety of situations and communicate with Lithuanians in this course which features over 40 lessons. Course is still under development.

  • Portuguese Basics

    Learn to express yourself in Portuguese by acquiring knowledge of most common verb conjugations and intricacies of the grammar of the Portuguese language in this course with over 10 lessons and still under development.

  • Arabic Alphabet

    Learn the entire Arabic alphabet by taking this Carl's course which consists of 16 short lessons.

  • Greek Alphabet

    Learn to read the Modern Greek alphabet by understanding the letters and their common combinations as well as some classical Greek letter names in this 5 lesson long course.

  • Morse Code Alphabet in One Minute

    Learn to understand all the letters of the Morse code in one minute through our course, which uses mnemonics and a flowchart to present you a clever way to learn Morse.

  • Russian Alphabet

    Learn to read the Russian alphabet which allows you to read not only Russian but also Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian and some other Slavic languages. The course has 9 lessons.

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